Pressure. Hot Tap. Structural.
Welding services that set the standard.

Quality done right.

Are you looking for a certified company with insanely skilled welders, who obsessively work to an incredibly high standard? When you take pride in what you do, the quality of the work becomes your signature.

Iron Core is a mechanical contracting welding company that specializes in pressure piping, hot tap and structural welding in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications – from fabrication in our shop to execution of site-specific welding jobs in the field. Wherever we operate, Iron Core Welding is known for our superior management, attention to detail and getting the job done right and on time.


Iron Core Welding operates to the highest industry standards and has been certified with these organizations. We’d be happy to share Iron Core’s complete listing of current ABSA and CWB permits – just get in touch.

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OFFICE (403) 942-2494
DIRECT (403) 915-1775


Shop Address

3302 3 Avenue South
Lethbridge AB T1J 4H5



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